N-body simulation analysis with Python

Pynbody on GitHub


Pynbody is a light-weight, portable, format-transparent analysis framework for N-body and hydrodynamic astrophysical simulations supporting PKDGRAV/Gasoline, Gadget, N-Chilada, and RAMSES AMR outputs.

Written in python, the core tools are accompanied by a library of publication-level analysis routines. For a quick tour of some of the features, have a look at this IPython notebook.

Getting started

If your python with distutils is installed and properly configured, you can simply do:

$ git clone
$ cd pynbody
$ python install
$ cd ..
$ python
>>> import pynbody

If this fails, you may need some more detailed installation instructions. Once you have the package instlaled, try the introductory tutorials. The full documentation can be found here.

Support and Contact

If you have trouble with Pynbody or you have feature requests/suggestions you can submit an issue, and/or shoot us an email on the Usergroup mailing list.